Thursday, August 27, 2015

Lake Cornelia

We were fortunate to use a friend's cabin last weekend on Lake Cornelia. Mom grew up swimming and water skiing on this lake as it's just a quick drive from Belmond. We also spent a few family summer vacations here as kids. I haven't been back since I was in grade school and it was very relaxing. 

Our little humble 'home away from home' for a few days. 

Thankfully we had Disney Jr! Gpa and Viv watching some morning cartoons. 

The weather was somewhat chilly and the water was very cool. So we played on the beach a little bit but we weren't brave enough to put on our swimming suits and get in. 

She enjoyed riding in the kayak. 

We spent one morning in Belmond and one morning in Clarion and Rowan. 

There was a hanging chair on the screened in porch that substituted well for a swing. 

We took a few boat rides and Viv enjoyed them until she would get splashed. 

Our trusty captain...

Front view of the cabin. 

Move over Gpa...there's a new captain on board. 

Nathan and Wrigley were able to join us the last night we were there. I wanted Nathan to have the Lake Cornelia experience too! 

Our last boat ride to check out all the lake houses. It was a chilly ride Sunday morning! 

Rowan Reveal

So, we got some good news recently...

Although Viv doesn't seem as excited (She's actually just upset because I'm making her sit). I had the hardest time finding a 'big sister' t-shirt...I finally had to order one online. 

So once we had our genetic testing done with good results we told everyone and had another gender reveal party. I let mom plan it this time and only Aunt Teresa M. knew the gender before the party. Adam was out of town training in Colorado and so they weren't going to be able to come to the party. I gave them the results from the gender test and she went out and purchased the appropriate colored supplies. It was fun being surprised this time around. 

Mom wasn't quite happy with the cake since the frosting was supposed to be pink and blue...but it tasted good! 

We had pizza and lots of sweet treats. 

Everyone who voted 'Boy'! I know no pregnancy is ever the same, but I had more nausea at night this time around and it lasted longer than the 3 weeks I had it with I voted 'Boy'. 

All the 'Girl' votes...Nathan thought Viv would want a little sister. 

Everyone had a chance to name the baby...we had some pretty good submissions. Nathan's favorite was from Jason...he submitted 'Bruce Wayne'. 

We had to blow up two balloons to find out the gender...the one that held air was the winner. And the blue balloon won! 

Viv was most excited about the balloons...

14 weeks....definitely showing more the 2nd time around. 

His name will be Rowan ode to where my Gpa Paul grew a small little dilapidated town in North Central Iowa. I spent a lot of time there as a kid visiting my many great aunts and uncles and great grandmother. Lee is my Dad's middle name. We actually got to visit Rowan this past week when we spent the weekend at Lake Cornelia. I don't know when the last time I'd been there. 

I'm trying to get into 'boy mode''s hard to switch gears after thinking pink and sparkles the last two years! But we can't wait until he's here...coming soon February 2016. 

21 months

21 months old! 

It's horrible when I make her sit. 

Current interests include....iphones, iPads, computers and TV. Ugh! She is very well versed at using my phone and iPad and loves to watch these egg videos on You Tube. Her favorite show is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on Disney Jr. She gets very excited when Mickey appears on the screen to introduce the show and dances to the hot dog song at the end. She's also obsessed with her pacifier. 

She's still not talking but continues to say 'Uh Oh' and calls tomatoes 'ma-ma'. But I think it's coming...Yesterday, I think she tried to say 'ham' during lunch. 

She currently wears size 18-24 month clothes....and some 12-18 month sizes. She's even able to wear a few 9 month sized dresses and shorts from last year. Still in size 4 diapers. She loves her Little People horses and stable. She carries around her ponies constantly. We are hoping she's really going to love real horses too.

She still really loves books and is really into picture books. If you ask 'where is X?' she is able to point to the correct picture. I still can't take her anywhere without her darting and running everywhere...hence why we still use the leash or the stroller. She LOVES to be chased....which is still quite annoying. 

Getting into trouble...

Favorite foods include graham crackers, cheese, cottage cheese, deli ham, grape tomatoes, and cheese pizza. 

We are starting a Mother's Morning Out program this fall...and I think it's going to rock her world a little bit. Maybe she'll quit running from me! ha!...We're only going one day a week. We've signed up for Kindermusik again...and we might do gymnastics again but we've been late to sign up. She still naps from 1:30-3:30 and doesn't really protest going to bed. We are bottle free but she still gets some milk in her sippy cup before bed. She likes her bath every night too. 

Wrigley is still her good buddy as long as she's gentle with him and he has an escape route. She's not huge into being outside unless she's riding the gator or at the park in a swing. She loves to swing! 

Can't believe year two is almost here!