Monday, September 15, 2014

Double Digits

It's hard to believe we are now in the double digits! She's still got just two teeth and has become a VERY picky eater. Things she used to enjoy like pears and peaches...she now gags on. She's taken to shaking her head 'no' every time I start to offer her solids. She still prefers chicken and vegetable meals...and fruit medley. We have graduated to the '3rd' foods. She still is only eating between 4-6 oz of formula at a time and a final bottle of 8 oz before bed. 
Bedtime is so much better as she goes down fairly easy every night. Sometimes I have to sing to her....I usually sing 'Hush Little Baby' or 'Doe a Deer'. Upon discussing 'techniques' on how to get her to sleep with Nathan the other day, I told him to sing to her. A few days later he mentioned that he had been singing to I asked 'what do you sing?' His answer....'the Iowa State Fight Song!' Ha! I laughed so hard! He then told me he was learning the words to 'The Bells of Iowa State' to broaden his 'repertoire'. Poor kid....she just doesn't even have a chance. She sleeps anywhere from 8-9 pm until 7-8 am. It's heaven!! She's still taking two 1 hr naps a day. 

Her 'vocabulary' is growing as she is able to make more noises and sounds....still no Ma-ma yet though! She's become very interested in my teeth and mouth...I'm sure this means she's going to be a dentist. She loves to pick and scratch my teeth and poke her finger into my mouth. She always acts very surprised when my tongue emerges as well. She's not quite sure what to think of it! 

Viv is crawling like a mad woman. She's fast and has started to chase Wrigley. He's not so thrilled. ..he's lucky he is much faster than she is! We now have everything baby gated off....but I constantly have to keep her out of the dog's water dishes. We spend most of our time upstairs in the playroom with the dogs gated off on the main floor. 

She's pulling up on the furniture and standing. She's not exactly 'cruising' yet. She pulls up and stands but hasn't started to walk around anything quite yet. 

She's still super cute! Ha!

She's getting more social and more comfortable with family. She still has issues in the nursery at church but I think it's more because she's there during her regular nap time and gets over tired. 

She's learned how to climb the stairs out of the play room. But hasn't figured out how to get down :) I've had to 'rescue' her a few times. 

Napping on the floor with Nathan. 

Protesting about something...

It finally got hot!!! And we were able to use the redneck pool one last time after Labor Day. 

More sleeping pictures...she fell over mid crawl and passed out...

Already into watching ISU sports...

Her first ISU game....out of the womb....we took her to the KSU game for family weekend. She did very well! 

I sat on the hillside with her. We had beautiful weather! 

She wasn't bothered by the crowd noise at all. She napped almost the entire second half of the game. 

We lost right at the end of the game...story of our ISU lives....Jack Trice Stadium...but we beat Iowa the next week in Iowa City! 

Posing with Cy...

Gpa and Gma Mangold...

Tailgating with Great Aunt Teresa...

Gpa and Gma Hein...

Panda outfit...

Visiting Daddy at work...

What a difference a few months make! 

5 mos vs. 9.5 mos

Friday, September 12, 2014

10 months

The only way I could keep her laying down for at least 3 seconds was to give her something to chew on...

I was sweating by the end of this 'photo shoot'. 

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Chicago Triathlon

We travelled back to the Windy City this weekend to celebrate our anniversary, my in-law's anniversary and so Nathan could participate in the Chicago triathlon. We took Viv with and she was a great little traveler once again. We stayed at the W Lakeshore. The bike portion went right past our hotel. 

We made it into town just in the nick of time for Nathan to attend a mandatory meeting on the rules for the triathlon. 

The swim of course took place in Lake was pretty neat. If you could pick out your swimmer you could walk along the edge of the lake and cheer them on. Unfortunately, we never found Nathan during the swim portion. 

Trying to find Nathan in the mob of swimmers...

Watching the swimmers...

We finally found him during the was a pretty hot and steamy day. He met up with us at the transition area so we could all walk back to the hotel. 

Everyone was pretty wiped out after the tri....I went and took a shower. This is how I found Nathan and Viv when I got out of the shower...poor little thing....I laid her down in a more comfortable position. 

We took the architectural river tour Sunday evening and then had dinner at Navy Pier. We did some shopping on Michigan Avenue Monday morning before heading home. We ran into a severe thunderstorm on the interstate on the way home. We had to pull off the side of the road and sit under an underpass for about 10 minutes before we could see well enough to continue home. 

Everyone had a great time!

9 month pics