Sunday, October 4, 2015

Fall Fun

Our last few days of summer have come and gone. We tried to enjoy a few more times at the pool but she only plays in the water for so long and then prefers to run it doesn't exactly make for a relaxing time at the pool! 

Some days we like to just hang out in our pjs....

She still loves books and now points to everything on the page and asks 'what's that?' in her own form of gibberish...I still can't break her from her pacifier for very long. She's officially saying 'hi, bye, uh-oh, and mom' and we think she's saying 'wrigley' too...but it mostly comes out like 'igley'. One day I'm going to wake up and sentences will start spilling out of her mouth! 

She's even taken to reading in the car...

She thought Ruby's ramp was a didn't work very well and I'm sure she'd end up with a few splinters in her rear if it did! 

One of the few times we've been able to get her to hold still in our bed...watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on the iPad. 

Uncle Adam opened his own Allstate Insurance agency in Coralville. We had to stop by and say hello...

She was pretty shy when we first arrived....Uncle Adam is sure scary to talk to! 

We went and looked at a pony...and decided she was still to young to start on this journey just yet....

She is certainly very busy! 

Playing piano at Gma Deb's house...

The end of summer and beginning of fall have been quite stressful...Deb had her kidney transplant surgery and is doing quite well. However, during her recovery and a routine CT scan of her abdomen post op her doctors discovered multiple spots on her liver and she was diagnosed with liver cancer. The family was devastated. There is a silver lining in that the doctors do believe it is a benign type of cancer and a liver transplant would take care of the problem. So, we are essentially right back where we started three years ago. She meets with the liver transplant team next week to get put on the liver transplant list. She is continuing to do well since the kidney transplant and has yet to show any signs of rejection, etc. We are praying the liver transplant goes as well as the kidney. 

Viv got a new car. I troll the garage sale sites on Facebook for good used toys and scored this little gem. She can make it go backward but she's not so good at making it go forward yet. 

ISU football season is in full swing...

ISU cousins picture! 

Gpa and Gma Mangold babysat so we could go to the Iowa game...

Family photo op before we left...Wrigley even got into spirit! 

Hein cousins tailgating before the Iowa game...

with the wives....

The presidential candidates were in full force at the game...Nathan got to shake Donald Trump's hand...

We lost to Iowa this year...we hope for better luck next year! We took Viv this past weekend to the Kansas game. We won!...and she was a little trooper during the game. We got hillside tickets with her Jr Cyclone Club membership. We had a gorgeous day for some football! 

This is the only way to get into a game...she said 'hi' to everyone we passed on the walk in from the parking lot. 

We had a family bonfire out at Gpa and Gma Hein's house. Here they are playing on the same playhouse that Nathan used when he was little...

We just finished our fall shopping trip. She's in 18-24 month clothes. She swims in most of the 2T stuff I bought her last year in anticipation for this year. She's definitely doesn't need to worry about having to go naked! 

Ready to run errands with Nathan in their matching vests. 

I've been getting this cheesy grin lately...she loves to show her teeth! 

And we've discovered she likes donut holes...

We got some matching sneaks...

Playing with GG Marie. She's getting better around new people. She's been going to Mom's Morning Out once a week and they tell me she does fine after I leave (she usually cries when I drop her off). She still hates the church nursery. 

Mom and I got to see Bernadette Peters at the Paramount this weekend. She was amazing! We had fantastic seats in the second row and she walked down our aisle a few times...I could have reached out and touched her! Her voice is fantastic! 

Friday, September 18, 2015

20 weeks

20 weeks...somehow I don't look as big in this picture as I feel. I'm feeling good and eating everything in sight these days. I'm having to get up multiple times in the night to use the bathroom. I'm not as active as I was with Viv....I'm not able to walk as much as I'd like since I have an almost 2 year old in tow as well. 

We had our 20 week ultrasound on Monday and everything checked out ok. Halfway there! I feel like this ultrasound was better than Viv' seems she explained a lot more and we were able to see more things. For instance, she was clearly able to scan his lips and nose to rule out a cleft palate. Viv's arm was in front of her face the entire time during her ultrasound so we weren't able to see that. I'm feeling lots of movement and having a little heartburn at night. We haven't really ordered anything yet for his room. I've bought a few clothes but not a lot of winter stuff is out yet. I'm afraid to buy much summer stuff on clearance since I'm guessing he will grow faster than Viv did.

He measured right on track at 19 weeks and 4 days. And 11 oz. for weight. I asked if at this point they could predict how big he would be at birth but she said not quite yet. 

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Lake Cornelia

We were fortunate to use a friend's cabin last weekend on Lake Cornelia. Mom grew up swimming and water skiing on this lake as it's just a quick drive from Belmond. We also spent a few family summer vacations here as kids. I haven't been back since I was in grade school and it was very relaxing. 

Our little humble 'home away from home' for a few days. 

Thankfully we had Disney Jr! Gpa and Viv watching some morning cartoons. 

The weather was somewhat chilly and the water was very cool. So we played on the beach a little bit but we weren't brave enough to put on our swimming suits and get in. 

She enjoyed riding in the kayak. 

We spent one morning in Belmond and one morning in Clarion and Rowan. 

There was a hanging chair on the screened in porch that substituted well for a swing. 

We took a few boat rides and Viv enjoyed them until she would get splashed. 

Our trusty captain...

Front view of the cabin. 

Move over Gpa...there's a new captain on board. 

Nathan and Wrigley were able to join us the last night we were there. I wanted Nathan to have the Lake Cornelia experience too! 

Our last boat ride to check out all the lake houses. It was a chilly ride Sunday morning!