Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Monthly Flashback

First Birthday Party

We survived the first year....and first birthday party. We rented a room out at Lowe Park to host the festivities. She was an absolute bear the morning before the party. Nathan laid her down to take a nap around 10 AM and she would not go to sleep. She's been sick the last couple of weeks with a cold/cough. She screamed/cried for an hour while we were waiting for her to eventually fall alseep. Nathan finally resorted to loading her up in the car and driving her around for about 45 minutes before the party. She was still pretty unhappy when she arrived at the party but finally came around. Our theme was 'pink'...

I wanted a scottie on top of the cake and it turned out very well. The top layer was red velvet and the bottom was almond flavored white cake. We served lasagna, garlic bread and salad for lunch. 

Mom had Dad's high chair painted and she made the banner for the chair. Vivian wouldn't sit in it at all for the beginning of the party. She started crying every time I would take her near it.

She was only happy sitting on a lap...

Singing 'happy birthday'...

I got her a cupcake for her 'smash' cake...cause I knew she wouldn't touch it. She's such a picky eater. Nathan stuck her fingers in the frosting...and she started to cry. 

Ready to unwrap gifts...

We finally got some smiles out of her! 

Lisa and Corey came to the party....they surprised Nancy and Al this weekend from Montana with news that they are expecting in May. So Viv will have a playmate for their wedding in 2016! Congrats! 

The rest of our distinguished guests....

Nathan's Facebook poem he wrote for her birthday...

Monday, November 10, 2014

12 months

We made it!! We officially made it through the first year!

And we're done...

Monday, October 27, 2014

Halloween Costume

First Halloween costume...

ISU Homecoming

We all trekked over to Ames a couple of weeks ago for ISU's Homecoming....here we are before hitting the road...

Our friends Duce and Dave (Dave and Amy Glenn) came and spent the weekend with us since we were planning on having an AGD reunion. 

Erin, Erica, and Duce at the tailgate. 

All the AGD alums! 

The Alpha Gam Slam....


A few AGDs with other friends Katie and Jen....

Duce and I lived in the Kappa Sigma house one summer with these crazy guys...Gear, Mead and David....they are doing their best 'spirit fingers' and 'sorority squat'. It was great seeing them again! 

Duce and Viv had a lot of fun! 

Uncle Adam was there too! 

Visiting good ol' AGD! The house is huge with over 130 members. The girls told us that they are to the point that they can no longer hold chapter in the basement and will have to start doing it on campus next year. 

We played Toledo and won the game....after wards we headed to Great Plains Pizza...we waited over an hour and a half for our pizza and a table! But it was worth it! 

Nathan ran into two of the ISU basketball players in the parking lot while tailgating. Viv was clearly not so impressed.


Life marches on....so I'm trying to keep up. Here's Viv ready to go watch the Iowa vs. Iowa State game (which we won by the way....yay!)

Ruby and Viv watching Wrigley on the deck. It's only been a little over a week since Ruby passed and we miss her a lot. Wrigley hasn't seemed to affected by her absence. He still rushes back inside to make sure there is no left over food. He doesn't seem to be getting up as early in the morning but I don't know if it's because the sunrise is later or if it's truly because she's gone. 


She is obsessed with the door to the playroom. She loves to climb the two stairs and go into the bathroom. I tried to put up a 'barrier' to dissuade her from climbing the stairs....and you can see how well it worked for me. She's a little bulldozer. She rams her head into things and pushes until you or the object moves out of her way. She gets really mad when a piece of furniture or a door doesn't move. In regards to my 'barrier', she figured out how to climb under and through the bouncy seat. When the door is closed to the playroom I have to extract her from the stairs multiple times because she climbs the stairs and gets stuck at the top. She can't figure out how to back up and climb down off the stairs. 

Trying avocado. She still won't feed herself anything other than puffs and yogurt melts.

Viv has discovered the toilet paper roll in our bathroom. 

And discovered Nathan's credit card...

We tried two pony tails...they looked like little antennas. 

Her coveted chapstick. I took a hilarious video of her melting down after dropping the chapstick on the floor when she was sitting on my lap. 

We've been trying to take advantage of the beautiful weather we've had lately. We met Nathan and Gma Deb at the park for lunch one day. 

We tried swinging....she didn't really seem into it. 

We are in a full fall mindset these days....her Halloween outfit that Gma Julie got her. 

We visited a pumpkin patch in Monticello a couple of weeks ago. They had lots to do and we are looking forward to taking advantage of the activities in the next couple of years. 

The corn maze....

We visited Papa Mark in the combine as they were harvesting beans. Viv took a ride and promptly fell asleep. 

Back at home she was totally engrossed in her own home videos. 

More scottie clothes....I'm surprised how many children's clothes have scotties on them and I can't resist purchasing every outfit that I come across! (Although this one was a gift from Aunt Bridget and Uncle Nick). 

Nathan carved his pumpkin last night...I forgot to take a picture of the final product. He carved a pretty cool cat face into the front of the pumpkin.