Sunday, November 15, 2015

2 year Pics

These pics were by far the most difficult to get as she was a typical two year old and wouldn't sit still. I found some cute horse/toddler pics on pinterest and since we were having a pony themed party we decided to try her out with the horses. A couple came out really cute and she wasn't afraid of Tiny at all. We hadn't seen Tiny since August up close and unfortunately he has deteriorated quite a bit (he's 29...I think). Nathan thought he was quite neurologic and sadly, I think some decisions are going to have to be made before winter comes. Nathan was going to run a couple tests on him first to see if it was anything we could possibly treat. He was quite interested in Viv and was a much better poser than she was! Nevertheless, I think Bridget captured some great memories for Nathan. 

Fall update

We took Gma Deb to brunch at the club for her birthday. Viv usually eats pretty well first and then is a typical we resort to the iPad so we can finish our meal in peace. I know, I's awesome parenting. 

Playing with the spinning magnets at the library after toddler time....she loves those things! 

Every vet's kid needs a token 'cage picture'....and she crawled in there all on her own account....I swear! 

We continue to follow our dismal football team...never mind that 50% of our schedule is playing teams ranked in the top 10....oh, what would it be like to play in the big 10? I'm guessing we'll never know. 

We made 4/6 home games this not bad....and we had beautiful weather for all of them! This fall really has been beautiful...I hope it continues! 

In the beginning of October we visited the apple orchard near our house. We picked a bushel of apples and I made applesauce in the was super easy! And it turned out really yummy! 

She didn't really get the whole idea of picking apples but enjoyed tromping around between the trees and the horse tire swing. 

We celebrated Halloween at Kindermusik. I bought her a used costume from a friend and had intended to use it but we recycled her costume from last year since it's pretty pointless to buy a baby a halloween costume....but you do it anyway. 

Her class...three of the kids(Oakley, Holden, and Gwen) in this class have all been together since they were babies. 

Playing with the scarves...

She also had this cute cat outfit that she wore for Halloween. Giving Gpa a big hug!! 

We had intended to attend the ISU vs. Texas game for Homecoming on Halloween....a game that we actually won! But Deb got her call for her liver transplant and so she had surgery Halloween day. We hadn't intended on taking Viv trick or treating since she can't say 'trick or treat' and Lord knows we didn't need to eat any candy! Next year we'll try the whole trick or treat stuff and see how it goes! 

We went mall walking the other day and found this fun ride. 

She is now showing some interest in sunglasses and frequently tries to put them on...but they are usually on upside down and she never gets them over her ears. She still doesn't leave them on very long. 

A couple other cute outfits...

Watching 'dia' in the bathroom. She's FINALLY started talking and has about 10 words or so. She's made up her own words for things including 'dia'...which is either TV or Mickey...we aren't sure which. But she pretty much isn't happy watching anything other than Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or Sesame Street. 

She came down with a bad cold/croup just in time for her birthday...I have a feeling this might be an annual occurrence as her birthday falls in 'that time of year'. The first day and worst day we stayed in our pjs all day long. Putting her in the shower twice a day was the best help her throat and clear out her sinuses. 

Managing her herd of ponies she received for her birthday! Good thing we don't have to clean out any stalls! 

We gave her a trampoline for her birthday and she loves it! She especially loves to jump for people. 

She clearly says 'Mom' and somehow she's stopped saying daddy or da da...and her word for Nathan is 'Ma-Ba' or sometimes it's 'Ba-Ba'. She sometimes uses it for Gpa Terry i'm not sure if every man is 'Ma-Ba'? Her pacifier is 'Mimi' and Wrigley is 'Gi-Gi'. She loves to go around the table and point to everyone and say their 'name'. I think she's trying to sing 'Old McDonald's Farm'...but she only knows the EIEIO part. She points at every building and says 'how'...which i'm assuming she's trying to say 'house'. Nathan has climbed to the top of the totem poll in her eyes and is currently her most favorite person on the planet. She's ok with him leaving for work in the morning but if he's home she's right by his side constantly and she gets very distressed if he leaves the house suddenly to take out the trash. She asks for him a lot and if she can't find him in the house she'll continue to yell for him until she finds him. She will readily eat anything on his plate but refuse the exact same thing offered to her on her tray or if it's on my plate. It's really cute to see their bond grow. 

Her two year appointment wasn't bad...she had two vaccines (Hep A and her flu shot). Her height was 34 in (49%), she weighed 24 pounds 14.5 oz (44%) and her head was 47.6 cm (61%). I had three questions for the doctor regarding her technology use, her pacifier obsession, and naps. She still takes about a 2 hour nap in the afternoon. She's wearing size 4 diapers and is in between size 18-24 month and 2T clothes. The doctor predicts based on her stats at this check up that she'll be around 5'8 when she's an adult!!! I was flabbergasted by that prediction and still don't believe it....only time will tell! She's still eating about all the same things...still loves cottage cheese and cheese pizza. She usually will also readily eat tomatoes, ham, peaches, pears, and oranges. She still loves graham crackers and yogurt. Occasionally she will eat veggies like broccoli, green beans or pea pods. I need to offer her more veggies....and to us all! 

Everyone keeps asking me if she's excited about the baby or knows what's going on...and she doesn't. I honestly haven't really talked to her at all about the baby since I figure she's not going to understand anyway. I guess she'll just get a big surprise in February! 

She still loves to carry around her animal figurines and one can usually be found in each hand. When we read books she can do quite a few animal sounds including dogs, pigs, cats, cows, donkeys, sheep and ducks. She still loves books and seems to be enjoying being read to more and more. She loves to point to familiar pictures and can find objects on the page when asked. 

She's a joy and we've certainly enjoyed watching her grow and develop! 

Thursday, November 12, 2015


Vivian turned two last Sunday. And just like last year....she was sick :( She came down with a bad cold on Thursday and sounded pretty croupy. She felt better by Sunday in order for her party but still sounded pretty bad. I have a feeling this may be an annual occurrence.'s just that time of year! 

Her theme this year was 'vintage pony'. I found most of my ideas from Pinterest and ordered her invitations and most of her outfit from Etsy. 

I loved her cake! It was perfect...and tasted very yummy too.

Mom helped with the 'big' banner and the banner for her high chair. Kathy, our family friend, helped make the horse board. It all turned out really cute! 

I was 28 weeks pregnant for the party. 

She actually ate really well at the party. We had pizza, salad, cake, cookies, and ice cream. 

She was actually really into her cake and ice cream this year! Somehow I forgot birthday candles...the thought never entered my mind...but we sang anyway! 

She wasn't totally into opening gifts...she ripped a few pieces of paper but was mostly interested in her balloons. 

Most of her presents centered around ponies. She received a ton of pony figurines and many books. Mom and Dad gave her a baby doll and we gave her a trampoline. 

I also didn't grab a picture of everyone who made it to the party. Gma Deb was recovering from her liver transplant surgery and wasn't able to make it. Papa Mark brought Gma Marie and my parents were the only representatives from my side of the family. Loans and Busch made it. We got a few family pictures. 

Happy birthday Vivian!