Thursday, January 15, 2015

Just Hanging Around

Jeff and Kendra got married in November....and I'm dumb and didn't get a picture of them...but they looked great!! I did take a selfie with Gma Marie. The wedding was in Ames and was cold...and Jeff was excited to get a handwritten note of congratulations from Coach Fred Hoiberg. 

The ISU Hein cousins who have all taken care of the beaver...Nathan received this ceramic beaver from Uncle Bob as a gift...he ended up taking it to college with him and it kinda of became a joke...he decided it needed to stay in Ames and then gave it to the next Hein cousin to attend ISU. It's since been passed to Jeff, Justin and now currently resides with Kirk. Oh, the parties it must have witnessed through the years :) 

And then I got to do friend Danielle was home over Christmas and talked me into taking a silks class at our 'old' dance studio. Here Ashlynd is trying to teach me how to lock the silk on my foot. 

The class was no joke...every part of my body was shaking. It takes a lot of upper body and core strength...which I don't have a lot of either at the I'm pretty bottom heavy so it made it even more difficult! But it was fun! and great to see Danielle and Ashlynd. 

A few poses...

Diamond Dancers...pointing to our names on the wall...

Painting has become all the rage...we had a family day at Brush and Barrel. It was a good time and we turned out some pretty pictures! 

Winter Update

Viv's palette hasn't improved much. I thought we were making progress as she started to eat mandarin oranges, peas, and a few other types of crackers. But she will no longer eat mandarin oranges or bananas. She prefers to just smash them on her tray. As much as I've tried to keep her from eating processed seems impossible as she LOVES graham crackers. She's obsessed with feeding us lately and is very intent on sharing her food. She finds it very funny when she 'fakes you out' and acts like she's going to share and then suddenly pulls her hand away from your mouth. It's quite cute and she ends up belly laughing. The one food she never turns down....cheese. Wrigley has also quickly learned the place to be during meal times as she loves to throw food on the floor. 

Here she is at her 1 year check up appointment. Her 12 month stats 18# 15.5 oz (37%) and 28.5 (25%) inches long. Her sleeping has taken a few large steps backwards. She was doing so well but it's been about 5 weeks now since she's slept through the night. She sleeps well from 8:30-midnight- we don't hear a peep from her. But from midnight to 8 am...she's up crying multiple times. We usually don't go up to get her as it only makes it worse and she always seems to wake up happy. I don't know why she hates sleep so much! ugh! She's still taking two naps during the day. 

She is SUPER into books and loves flipping through the pages. She doesn't always want to sit and be read to but loves to lift up the flaps and turn the pages. 

More Scottie clothes...

She didn't officially start walking until around 12.5 months old. Here she is practicing with Gma Julie out to lunch with my parents for my birthday. 

And here is your token toddler picture getting into the plastics drawer and creating havoc! 

Cute black and white outfit from her birthday...complete with coat. 

Mom and baby selfie...

Trying to get my phone and modeling another outfit from Christmas and new Sperry shoes. 

Parked in front of Disney Jr at Gma and Gpas.....eating puffs. We have discovered Disney Jr- Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Sophia the First and Doc McStuffins. Another favorite is Elmo and Sesame Street.  She is obsessed with smartphones and my iPad. I let her watch a couple episodes of Elmo's World on the iPad and she now melts down every time she sees the iPad and she doesn't get to watch something. We have a few Elmo apps and she knows how to work them- knows which 'button' to push to show a video, etc. It's amazing. I'm afraid I've created a monster....but I doubt it's much different than any other kid in her generation. She likes to hold the devices herself and tries to push my hands away if I try and hold it for her. She loves to carry my phone around (and throw it on the floor) and when she gets to a screen that she can't get out of (like to make a purchase) she knows to bring the phone to me so I can 'fix' it. 

Playing Elmo app with Gpa. 

We finally got some snow...and then it turned bitter cold. This winter isn't nearly as bad as last year but the temps finally came up enough that we could venture outside for a few minutes. We tried out the new sled and she seemed to like it. 

She received the snow suit for her birthday from Gma Jean and her Ugg snow boots from Gma and Gpa Hein. 

All bundled up...and yes, she could move but didn't seem too interested in the snow. She just wanted to climb the stairs on the deck. 

We are thinking of spring!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas 2014

Our Christmas season started out like many others...baking Christmas cookies. As usual, we baked too many cookies for our own good. 

The Hein family Christmas picture...we had to do two different shoots to get one nice picture. But it turned out pretty nice! 

We started a new tradition this year with matching family pjs. Target started carrying multiple I went with the Santas this year. 

Vivian with her bag of goodies. Both sets of grandparents got together and chipped in for a new play table and chairs for her playroom. 

The next day we celebrated with my side of the family. A Christmas selfie with my bro...

Christmas dinner...

Christmas isn't Christmas without family photos...

Unwrapping gifts...

Viv loved her singing Elmo! 

Gma Jean with her annual calendar. 

Nathan received a bean bag toss game for tailgating. 

We gave Mom and Dad the Hedbandz we played a round after the gift opening was done. 

Adam was not so impressed. 

We hosted dinner after church on Christmas Eve. We had a brown Christmas this year....we had a lot of snow and cold weather for Thanksgiving...but December has been pretty mild and no snow! Nathan even commented that it was almost like a Texas Christmas....I told him that I wouldn't go THAT far....

Christmas morning was fun with Viv this year! 

She wasn't into unwrapping gifts but liked pulling the bows off the presents. She also really liked her chair we gave her and her books! 

Christmas night we traveled out to Nathan's grandparents house. It was quite hectic...Aunt Teresa got rear ended on the way there which left her not able to drive her car. Jeff and Doug went to pick her up. Brian and Amanda weren't able to make it since August suffered an allergic reaction on their way down which landed them in the ER. (He's doing fine now)

Viv did pretty well with everyone. She normally gets really overwhelmed when we walk into a room with a lot of people and won't leave my side or let me put her down. She was nervous when we first arrived but soon decided it wasn't such a bad place. She would even let Zaley and Ryker pick her up occasionally. Nathan played Santa again...but I videotaped it this year instead of taking pictures. He must have been convincing because Viv melted down when he picked her up. She is not down with Santa! 

Pics with Great Grandparents...

It's always a chaotic Christmas!