Sunday, January 24, 2016

38 weeks

Here we the home stretch! I'm so ready to be done with this pregnancy but am also scared to death at having two kids! Ha!...and giving birth again! But everyone says it gets easier the second time's hoping. 

My top complaints are pregnancy rhinitis, heartburn, backaches, and sleeping. I'm living on Afrin, Benadryl at night to sleep and I pop Tums like candy. We finally got all of the furniture for his room, so I need to go up and take some pics and do the final touches. 

Our new associate doctor officially starts tomorrow, so Nathan can rest easier. We successfully survived both of our parents being out of town to Florida at the same time and two weeks of Nathan not having anyone at the clinic to cover for him if I went into labor. I have my last doctor appointment tomorrow and then we'll talk induction dates if this little guy doesn't make an appearance on his own. 

I'm pretty sure I'm much bigger this time around but have gained about the same amount of weight as with Viv. Guess I had also better say goodbye to carbs this week as well! We officially traded in the Tiguan yesterday for a mini's the last nail in the 'I'm old and uncool' coffin. We are anxious to meet Mr. Rowan won't be long now! 

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

January Blues

The New Year is here and here's my little party girl. She spent New Year's at my parent's again this year as they graciously agreed to keep her. We got to go out to dinner and went and saw the new Star Wars movie.....and slept in the next morning! It was heavenly. My mother has recently become obsessed with sunglasses for every why not also sport some champagne glasses while wearing weird bows in your hair while still in your pjs?....and then don't forget the horse figurine! 

I definitely have the January blues!! And now that we have Facebook, I'm constantly seeing everyone's tropical vacation pictures right now to get away from the cold weather. It's depressing....especially being 38 weeks pregnant! I know I don't have much time left...hopefully! But...we've been keeping busy. Vivian continues to learn new things every day...and a few things have definitely made my heart go pitter patter with fright! It's been a while since she figured out how to move the stool in the bathroom to climb up on the counter....we've since moved the stool when not in use into the bathtub where she can't reach it. The other day, I walked into the bathroom to find this....

apparently she's figured out how to climb onto the bathtub and then into the sink! Dear Lord! 

Last week we went downtown to walk the skywalks and play at the library. She had fun with the kitchenette. 

Her favorite book by far right now is the Hungry Caterpillar. We have to read it every night at least once. She still loves her books but doesn't really care for story time at the library....she's got better things to do I guess. 

She still loves my Uggs and digs them out of my closet at least 3 times a day. They frequently end up on the wrong feet. 

Another recent obsession is brushing her teeth. She loves to run the faucet and will stand at the sink for 30 minutes or so sticking her brush under the water and 'brushing' her teeth. She has since learned the word 'brush' and also points out 'mommy's brush'. 

Ready for church...the church nursery continues to be a disaster situation every time we try and drop her off and I finally emailed the person in charge to hopefully get some ideas on how to overcome her anxiety. We'll see how things go....

Still lovin' the iPad! If I don't put it up out of reach in the morning she knows she can go into my bedroom and snatch it off the bedside table. 

'Answering the phones' at the office. 

Loving on her pony she got from Santa. If you press his ears he neighs and makes galloping noises. 

Another new favorite activity that she learned at Gpa and Gma's house is playing at the sink. She will drag a chair over in front of the sink and ask for her cups. Again, it will keep her occupied for at least a good 30 minutes or so...and she may or may not soak herself in the process. 

Her vocabulary continues to grow. She knows all the parts of your face but only will say the word 'eyes'...and then we go through a list of everyone who has 'Mama eyes', 'Baba eyes', 'Gigley eyes' and I tell her 'yes, everyone has eyes'. She knows most of her colors and loves to say 'yellow, purple, blue, and green'. I can't get her to say red or orange. She's also starting to recognize letters and can easily identify A, B, O, K, and X. 
She frequently goes through a routine of naming all the animal sounds she knows and is obsessed with cows. She talks about cows all of the time. She recently learned what a rooster sounds like and it's pretty cute to hear her imitate the sound. She also points out cars outside when they pass the house and when we are driving. 
Nathan is still her favorite and she gets very excited when she sees him. She's also decided my Dad is top notch too and runs past my mom when they enter the house. Ponies are still high on the toy list but she received a ton of markers for Christmas and she loves drawing with them. Luckily they are all washable so they come out of her clothes, off her face, and off the walls easily! She loves to remove the caps from all the markers and gets very angry when you try to replace they have dried out very quickly. I've had to rewet them with water a few times to bring some life back into them. 

She also discovered play doh at MMO and has really enjoyed playing with that at home. She loves to name the color of each play doh container. So....maybe we'll have a little artist on our hands! 

She is still not too aware of the big event on the horizon. She's definitely noticed that my belly has changed and she'll hit it and say 'baby'. We've recently gotten out the swing and other baby paraphenelia and she's definitely showed interest. She still doesn't show much interest in her baby doll....other than trying to scratch it's eyes! I guess time will only tell how well she handles the transition into being a big sister. 

I feel like she doesn't try to run from me quite as much as she used to (which is a blessing)....but I still try to avoid public places without some help from Nathan or my parents. 

Here are a few of our recent 'cheese' pictures that she wants to take everyday before we leave the house. As you can see, she's still as obsessed with 'mimi' as ever! 

Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas 2015

Christmas has come and gone...we've had a very mild winter so far with only one snowfall in November that stuck around for about 3 days. We've actually still had green grass everywhere...until today. So no white Christmas for 2015 but I'm not complaining. We celebrated first with a family brunch at CRCC complete with family pictures, Build-A-Bear, and getting to meet Santa. 

Waiting for her reindeer to be made...

Matching houndstooth coats...

Viv has a newfound love for markers and coloring...decorating her reindeer box. She loves to pull the caps off the markers and gets quite angry when you try and replace them. 

Meeting this Santa went much better since Nathan sat with her. 

Trying to talk her into meeting Santa at Von Maur...I thought maybe if she saw him first and saw a few kids sitting on his lap she'd warm up a little easier....

No such luck...maybe next year! However, she did accept his gift of a candy cane. 

We celebrated with our parents the weekend before Christmas..the Hein side was first...

She finally got the concept of opening presents this year...she didn't care what was in the box but she thoroughly enjoyed ripping off the wrapping paper. 

The next day was the Mangold side...

Cheesing it up with Wrigley...

I've been working with Viv on how to take pictures and say 'cheese'. She now poses at the door every day and says 'cheese!', especially when I pull my phone out. Adam took family pics of us using his tripod and she got ahold of it and went around 'taking pictures' of everyone. She'd look through the tripod and say 'cheese!'. I guess we should have gotten her a camera for Christmas! 

Siblings and their stools....Mom gave Adam a stool that Gpa Paul had made in high school shop class. Teresa refinished it for him and it turned out fantastic! Mine is just an ottoman from Pier One. 

Such a family of goof balls! 

We also celebrated Gma Jean's 95th birthday...making her wish.

Christmas Eve we celebrated at church and then hosted our annual family gathering. I serve the same thing every year....wild rice soup, winter salad, and Christmas cookies. 

Our church outdid themselves this year and surprised us with live animals! A reindeer, two camels and some sheep....although we missed the sheep as they were in front of a different sanctuary. Viv was excited to see both, she wasn't scared of petting the big camel but really seemed to love the reindeer. 

Waiting to light our candles...

Gma Debbie bought all the girls their Christmas dresses again this year. 

After dinner we changed into our matching Christmas Jammies. I went with a one piece this year since I didn't think a shirt would fit me....they weren't flattering at all. Nathan tolerated them well and didn't complain....oh, the things I can get him to do now that he has a little girl! We all decided the jammies looked the cutest on Viv. 

Unwrapping more presents Christmas morning! 

She got quite a few 'big' gifts including a stuffed standing pony, a piano, and an activity table. All three were big hits! 

Wrigley always has to be in the middle of everything! 

She's recently become obsessed with my red sequin Uggs and loves to put them on multiple times a day. 

Christmas night we celebrated at the Streepers...Viv was pretty clingy and kinda grouchy the whole night...she didn't really want to play with any of the kids and wouldn't let Nathan out of her sight. 

All the great grandkids...Ivy, Harper, Grace, August, Sutton, Ryker, and Viv. 

Last but not least the day after Christmas we celebrated the Hein Christmas which is with all the extended family...the boys getting ready to slam their annual Christmas tradition. 

Jacky provided some gingerbread houses and cookies to decorate. I didn't think Viv would be into it but she loved it! 

Gma Marie and Harper...

She soon discovered that the frosting tasted good...

Viv and the cousins were asked to be the flower girls and ring bearer in Ben and Whitney's wedding this coming August. This should be fun!! 

It's a good thing Christmas is over! Some of us are tired!....

We hope your family had a wonderful holiday!