Friday, February 20, 2015

15 months

15 month stats...20# 14 oz and 30 inches long. She did great at her 15 month check up and didn't cry when the nurse or doctor touched her...only for her vaccines and she recovered pretty quickly. She currently has 8 teeth. She runs everywhere...or as Nathan likes to call it a 'modified trot'. She is still pigeon toed and I hope and pray she will grow out of it (her pediatrician and Laura say it is still possible!)....if not...hopefully ballet helps! She is starting to recognize language and will readily give kisses when you ask her for one. She's getting more cuddly as she gets older but still doesn't sit still very long. She's back to saying 'uh oh' a lot and properly uses it (when she drops something or falls down). She's taken a new interest in Wrigley...she likes to play chase with him and at times he seems to enjoy it too. She LOVES to feed him and walks around with her Puffs container and is very generous towards him. She likes to pet him and play with his tail and she is usually pretty good at not petting too rough. He tolerates her very well and only gets nervous when she flails around a lot. He's no dummy and follows her for Puffs and hangs out around the high chair during meal times. She finally has seemed to become 'attached' to something...she's taken to carrying around the Mickey doll we bought her at's the most interest she's shown in a toy so far. We started Kindermusik and still go to Babytime at the library once a week. I cut out her morning nap and so now she just naps in the afternoon for usually around 1.5- 2 hrs if I'm lucky. We've been very lucky and she's really hardly been sick since her birthday, although today she's got a runny nose. Teething doesn't seem to bother her too much from what I've read from symptoms that other kids seem to exhibit. 

Her new game is playing in the window shades in the kitchen. She readily plays hide and seek anywhere but really likes to crawl in between the shades. She also likes to get in my closet and play hide and seek in my clothes. 

So sneaky....I've been trying to get it on video but by the time I get everything set up she's onto a new activity. 

Playing with Wrigley...

Viv's appetite continues to improve....kinda....she's now starting to refuse her mixed veggies and chicken babyfood. She's obsessed with cheese and she will eat cottage cheese. She's still a bit touch and go with fruits and I've gotten her to eat zucchini once. She ate pasta sauce and ground beef for a few days and she seems to like rice. We are making progress....she's down to two 4 oz bottles of organic whole milk a day. She still loves to feed me and oh what fun it is!! 

Such a good sharer...(she sure didn't learn to share her food from me!)

So much for clean laundry....she's a one woman destroyer! 

We celebrated the guy's birthday on February 8th...

Valentine's Day we traveled to Ames with Adam, Teresa, and my parent's for a men's BB game. It was Adam's and Viv's first experience with Hilton Magic! Viv did great, she danced to the band and sat on laps pretty well. 

Our seats were pretty high up, but thanks to Coach Hoiberg tickets are a hot commodity these days! 

She slept through much of the 1st half.

Checking out the frozen tundra we like to call Ames from the warmth of Hilton after our win over West Virginia! 

Friday, January 30, 2015


Now that we are with child our annual Vegas trip for Western States doesn't seem as practical anymore. Luckily, NAVC is in Orlando every January. My parents usually try and travel in January and my Aunt and Uncle winter in Florida so it made sense to go ahead and go this winter. We are lucky that Allegiant flies directly to Orlando. Here we are on the plane for Viv's first plane ride. I had her under quarantine at least the week before we left to help ensure she wasn't sick on the plane. I was very nervous about how she would do (I'm not a great flier anyway). Knowing that we were flying to Orlando and the high probability of having a lot of kids on the flight helped to ease my worries. She did fantastic and was kept entertained with the iPad and a pill container filled with puffs. 

Having fun at the kiddie pool...we had fantastic weather the whole time we were there.

Playing chase on the resort's lawn...

We stole one day away from the conference to go to Walt Disney World...Nathan had never been to Magic Kingdom and I hadn't been for over 20 years. We had a beautiful day and a lot of fun. 

Yep...we were 'that family'. I ordered matching t-shirts off of Etsy for everyone for Christmas. Not too soon after we entered the park we had purchased Mouseketeer ears and Donald Duck hats. Viv had a really cute Minnie Mouse tutu as well...she got lots of compliments. 

We rode as many rides as we could...I really can't imagine going in the summer with the heat and the crowds. The lines for some rides were still 45 min-2 hrs long. 

Riding Dumbo...

Viv was obsessed with pushing her stroller. 

Waiting to ride Space Mountain...I had to 'conquer' this roller coaster because I got horribly motion sick when I rode it in 3rd grade....and I'm glad to report that I survived. And I didn't make Dad go with me this time. 

No one does a parade quite like Disney...

Taking it all in...

We got to meet Mickey! I was certainly more excited than Viv...

We all rode the carousel...

Disney'd out...I think we made it about 10 hours total in the park. I wanted to stay for the lighted parade and fireworks show....but I got out voted :( Guess I'll have to wait until she gets older. 

We visited Animal Kingdom the next day...

Nathan had to go back to Iowa to go to work so it was just the 4 of us for the Animal Kingdom. In front of the Tree of Life. 

We saw some amazing animals on the Kilimanjaro Safari ride... 

I did not 'conquer' the Mt Everest Expedition roller coaster....the ride goes backwards for a portion and I was pretty queasy after I got off. I thought it would improve as I walked around but only got worse once I got back to the hotel. I skipped dinner and caught a quick nap and felt much better. Luckily I waited until the end of the day to ride it. The dad I sat next to had ridden it 3 times that day with his two sons! 

My mom actually got a picture of me on the roller coaster. She was just going to take a pic of the people on the ride and when she looked closer she realized that I was in the picture. Can you see the red shirt? 

Mom enjoyed the Disney ice cream...

Learning about the animals. 

The park is organized into continents/ we are in 'Africa'. 

Animal kingdom was a lot of fun! 

We were going to also visit Harry Potter world at Universal Studios but after doing some brief research decided against it. We'll have to wait until Viv is a bit older (not that she got a lot out of WDW, but the lines are longer and you almost have to ride the rides to the get the whole experience). We visited Downtown Disney instead and had a lot of fun shopping for all things Disney. We then drove down to visit Al and Nancy...ready for the beach! 

The weather was warm but it was a bit windy on the beach...Viv did really well in the sand. I've heard that little kids don't really enjoy sand when they are really young. She was a bit unsure about walking on it with her shoes on and actually did a lot better once you took her sandals off. 

The water was cold! 

But we had fun digging and looking for shark's teeth. 

Nancy and Mom played Blokus on the beach. 

Viv has become completely obsessed with technology and will throw a fit when she's not able to watch Elmo on the iPad/phone....Wonder where she gets it from...

Ready to head out from Al and Nancy's. We had a great time visiting! 

We spent the last day scouting out possible vacation spots around Boca Grande and Gasparilla Island. We enjoyed our fun in the sun. Our flight home was delayed but we made it!